I am a freelance Large Format Photographer who specializes in documenting historic structures for the  National Parks Service Historic Documentation Programs (HDP).  The HDP has three unique divisions:

Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS)
Historic American Engineering (HAER) 
Historic American Landscape Survery (HALS)

 I work with a variety of Cultural Resource Management  Professionals, Historic Preservation Consultants, and State Historic Preservation Offices in order to provide an archival photographic record of historic buildings, bridges, landscapes. The work ends up at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC so that it can be accessed by the general public. My most important contribution to the HABS/HAER/HALS documentation iproject is archival photographs and film. My large format cameras use film that is archivally processed to last 500+ years.

Photographs are made with either 4x5, 5x7,or 8x10  large format cameras using black and white film and creating archival  prints. I process film and prints to full archival standards as required by the Secretary of Interiors Standards  in my darkroom. I can make reproductions of historic plans, negatives or photographic prints.I am based in Upstate NY and travel all over the United States.

With over 25 years experience, I can photograph any project and submit a final document in a timely and professional manner that is guaranteed to meet with approval of HDP Officials at the National Parks Service and ultimately at the Library of Congress.